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Utah Apartment Complex Signs: Apartment Complexes
Advertise your apartments and condos with themed monument signs or dimensional displays. Create a safe and functional living environment with numbering, wayfinding, and notice signs that are both durable and simply installed.

Apartment Signs
Impact Signs has a unique ability to understand the needs of apartment developers and managers in Utah. We create signage to attract, brand, and position your property so residents are proud and potential renters are intrigued.

We provide a multi-faceted approach to selecting the right sign for your property. Effective signage should be clear, eye-catching, consistent, distinct, and beautiful. Our signage solutions fit a wide range of property styles from a small duplex to a sky rise apartment building; we provide options for large and small property owners across Utah.

Exterior Signs:

Just because it is directional signs, posted rules, parking lot designation, or traffic control does not mean it cannot be beautiful. Our exterior signs are designed to be cohesive, clear, and professional to make a statement about your property. Exterior signage may include an entry monument, building designation, parking lot signage, and directories.

Interior Signs: Similar to exterior signs, these signs may be used as interior directions, lobby logos, room names, elevator indicators, and door numbers. These signs transform the interior of your property to a professional and high-class housing development.
Lighted Signage: Lighted signs can be used either on the building itself, or as an illuminated sign either on the street or entryway. Lighting can be either direct or indirect through a wide range of applications so that you get the lighted appearance you are looking for.

ADA Signs:

Under the American with Disabilities Act, specific apartment complex signage may be required on your property. Many signs must have tactile and Braille to meet the requirements. We understand the rules and regulations to provide signage that is beautiful and compliant.

Sign Packages: Our team is ready to work with you to develop the perfect apartment signs package to provide exactly what you are looking for. Our products can be packaged and bundled several different ways to get you noticed around Utah and protect your bottom line.

Your sign says a lot about you. We bring prestige and attention to your apartment with custom signage that speaks for the property. Our signs are high quality and professional, showing renters that the apartments inside are beautiful and safe. We provide lighted signs and clear directional signage to guide residents and potential renters that they have arrived at the right place. Curb appeal for an apartment is just as important as curb appeal for a homeowner; increase your street signage to show off the very best sides of your property.

Your Sign Says a lot About You
An apartment sign welcomes people home at the end of a long day, and draws new people in to see your property. Our signs can be manufactured in different styles, materials, and types to meet your vision.


Hotel Signage
Stand out from other Utah hotels with a selection of professionally manufactured signs both inside and outside your property. Within your hotel, Impact Signs can offer access to practical, visually pleasing numbering, and wayfinding signs, as well. With all of these options available, Impact Signs will ensure that your hotel’s signage fits your personal aesthetic and theme.

To attract customers and welcome guests, pylon signs, pole signs, and monument signs featuring striking channel letters illuminate day and night. For even more attractive exterior signage, consider message center signs, which are customizable without any of the associated labor or material costs.

Interior Signs
Wayfinding signs help people find what they are looking for whether on foot so guests can easily find their room, the office, gym, or even just the ice machine. Traditional indoor signs are easy to read and accessible to everyone. We work with each client to design hotel signage that is cohesive with your business image. We also provide indoor displays with interactive options for maps, directors, and digital wayfinding.

Message Center
A message center can be used inside or outside of your hotel. It is a relatively new technology of advertising that uses a matrix of LED lights to create illuminated displays that can be changed to advertise vacancies, amenities, or specials. A message center can be mounted as traditional signs to poles, walls, or other such monuments.

The three most popular option for exterior signage is a pole, pylon, or monument. Many of the most successful hotels in Utah choose a combination of these three options.
A pylon sign is designed to give a little height and draw attention while a pole sign is designed to be seen from the interstate.

A monument is more of a welcome sign is designed to add sophistication and beauty to the property. If your business is a small building amidst towers in downtown Salt Lake City or if you are tucked along the highway and hard to see from the road – a pylon sign provides more visibility. If you are looking to beautify your property and create a statement, a monument is the best option.

Guests need to be able to easily find your hotel no matter what time they arrive. For this reason, any of our exterior hotel signage options can be illuminated, making it easy to find your hotel day or night.

Attract Customers and Welcome Guests
If you are still not sure which sign is best for your business, our professional team is ready to help you design and produce the most effective and beautiful signage available.

Small Business Signage
If you want to market your small business to the largest amount of potential patrons possible, the most effective strategy with the least amount of frivolous cost is to focus on creating unique and up-to-date signs. Impact Signs can provide options of flexibly-designed channel lettering with built-in lighting, warm and inviting neon, low and sturdy monument signs, or tall pole signs that easily attract customers.

If you are looking for a highly flexible, easily updated, and particularly attractive option, consider utilizing message centers. These signs can be changed from your own computer to market to potential patrons and bring in new ones, effectively saving your business funds on advertising and marketing.

Choosing the right sign for your small business can make a big difference in the success of your boutique, restaurant, or complex. In order to advertise to the largest market possible, you must make your Utah small business stand out.

In the colonial years, many professionals would often use a roof tile, or shingle, to post their name and the type of service near the front door. This was an easy and effective way to advertise their business. Today, the most effective way to stand out is by creating unique and unforgettable signage. Impact signs provides dozens of flexible options to create exactly what you are looking for.

The look and feel of your sign should reflect the look and feel of your business and the neighborhood where it resides. Fast-paced locations downtown need a more energetic feel where a neighborhood bakery may need something completely different. The best sign should add to the building and stand out, but not detract from the surroundings. It should also be the right size in the right location, portraying the right information to captivate customers.

Your small business sign should be a statement overflowing with simplicity. It needs to make a strong first impression to show your character and create intrigue without putting in too much. A cluttered and confusing sign is lost on those passing by. We create clean and professional signs that convey organization and proficiency.

Our manufacturers and designers have the ability to work together and create a sign that mimics the look and feel of your business. We use a variety of materials to get the look you want. The most popular materials include:

Wood :

A plywood sign is simple and affordable, but may be more subject to weather damage

Glass :

Use your storefront as your base for a low-cost and attractive option using glass windows as the canvas for your sign.

Metal :

Punched metal is both durable and weather resistant. A metal sign can provide either a rustic or a modern feel, depending in the design.

3D :

A three-dimensional storefront sign often accentuates your company logo and is easy to incorporate texture, lighting, and graphics.

Fabric :

Fabric is a budget-friendly choice that is colorful and unique, but do not last as long as other options and are best used for special events or temporary signage.

Message Center :

This high tech signage is the way of the future with electronic messaging that can be changed from your own computer to customize your marketing to potential patrons and consistently bring in new ones.

Commercial Signage
Impact Signs provides professional and inviting signage for your Utah commercial complex. From the lettering to the colors, we look at each detail to personalize your signage and give you a unique, clear, and inviting look for your complex.

Commercial Complex
A commercial complex sign should be eye-catching from a distance. The two main types of signs used for commercial complexes are either monument signs or pylon signs.

Monument Sign :

A monument sign is a large sign that sits lower to the ground and can be constructed from concrete, brick, stone, or wood. While they have a low profile, they carry a big impact to passing traffic.


Pylon Signs :

A pylon sign is the big tall sign often seen from a highway or freeway. These are popular choices for hotels, gas stations, and restaurants seeking to draw in freeway drivers. While pylon signs are often for a single business, they can also be used to advertise a complex or mall.

Construction and Temporary:
For construction and other temporary projects, we can also provide easy-to-use site signs. Clear signage during construction may mean the difference between order and accidents.

A-Frame :

These may be used, reused, and placed in different areas of construction for the safety and direction of pedestrians and drivers.

Fabric Signs :

For temporary uses, fabric signs make a good choice because they are inexpensive, and can be made very large. These are often used to advertise a new development, remodel, or upcoming feature.

Directional and Functional:
Within your complex, several directional or purely functional signs may be necessary to direct traffic or help patrons find what they are looking for. These are large enough to see from a vehicle and easy to read for pedestrians as well. Functional signs may include:

Wall signs :

These are used on the building wall to indicate the name and address of each individual business.

Door signs :

A door sign is placed directly on the door of each company to add a cohesive and professional look to the complex, even with a variety of businesses.

Door numbers :

Door numbers make it clear for drivers to find a specific address, suite, or company.

Overhead signs :

These are used for the benefits of drivers and pedestrians to see businesses while walking through the complex.

Drivers are Much more Likely to Stop
An attractive and professional sign for your commercial complex can be one of the best business decisions you make. Drivers are much more likely to stop when they can see what is ahead and it is presented in a clear and appealing sign. Taking the same careful steps in signage as you have in other aspects of your business will reflect the quality and thought you are putting into your customers.

Stadium Signage
From the hot dog to the winning goal, get your fans excited, and ready for action on game day. From the moment they enter the arena, stadium signage from Impact Signs can change game day forever. The “jumbotron” is no longer the only screen in the game. Whether they are finding their seats, standing in line for a pretzel, or cheering on the winning team, fans come to have a good time, and with custom signs we make sure they do. Stadium signs from Impact Signs makes it easy to maneuver through the stadium and enjoy the game without missing a beat. From the parking lot to the scoreboard, we provide everything you need to make your game day shine in Utah.

Impact Signs, producer of the best signs in Utah, carries every necessary option to create beautifully designed and easily maneuvered stadium signs anywhere in Utah. We can provide everything from large, impactful scoreboards to uniquely designed wayfinding signs that fit in with your stadium’s overall theme.

We understand you are in it for the game, and so are we. Here are just a few of the benefits available from our full-line of stadium signage.

Fit in with your Stadium’s Overall Theme
For interesting and trendy sign options, consider flexible message centers or LED Boards, both of which can be changed to relay original messages from your own personal computer. For more signage options inside and outside your stadium, consider channel letters or neon signs. Each can be produced to match logos and specific colors with an infinite number of design options.

Increase Branding
If your company or university is looking to expand their branding presence or upgrade their image, professional signage can go a long way. Entrance gate banners, large sports action photos from school’s history, awnings, message boards, and new signage for seating areas are just a few of the options that can increase the branding in your venue.

Using screens rather than traditional signage makes it easy to switch advertising as quickly as you switch events. Screens at the concession stands allow you to change the menu when necessary, screens in the causeway provide opportunities to advertise upcoming events or information regarding game day. Screens in suites or bathrooms can provide menu options, directory information, or safety procedures.

With thousands of fans rushing to their seats before the coin toss, sports arenas can be a recipe for disaster if foot traffic is not organized. Adequate signage can increase safety in your venues by clearly directing crowds so everyone is directed to their areas safely and quickly so no one misses tip off.

LED and digital signage is the next generation of marketing. Use the latest technology in stadium signage to advertise, provide specials, discounts, and promote your venue. Advertising can run not only in the stadium, but also throughout the entire facility.

From the stadium to the quad, make sure your campus is friendly, easy to use, and full of school spirit with custom signage from Impact Signs. We make it easy to scan the student center, find your class, learn about clubs, and get involved on campus with signage for inside, outside, and around each building. Cohesive, professional, and clear signs make it easy for students, faculty, and visiting parents to find where they need to go. From first-time freshman to graduating seniors, campus signage becomes a way of life they depend on.

High-Tech Signs
Keep your university at the forefront of technology with digital message centers. These are perfect for common areas or the student center where students and faculty can easily see what is going on around campus. These user-friendly message centers can be used indoors or outdoors and changed within seconds to fit the needs of your school or university. The message center connects to a central computer that handles all the advertising, so changing the message is as simple as a click of the mouse. This makes these digital debuts the investment that pays off year after year.

Channel Sign
The traditional channel sign is still one of the best ways to get your message across to drivers and passersby. These signage options are available in metal, plastic, or high-density foam, making it easy to customize the sign to fit the look and feel of your business. Each dimensional sign can be installed directly to the wall or mounted to a backer made of metal or plastic. With precision routing and plotting, all of our dimensional lettering and graphic options can be custom-made to match your logo shape and color. Impact Signs specializes in channel and dimensional lettering that can be formed to fit the aesthetic that you desire.

Reusable and Temporary
Club week? Spirit Week? Rush Week? Intermurals? Create durable and professional signage for all your campus events that are easy to store and use every year. Reusing durable banners eliminate the hassle of creating large posters or signs for the same events year after year. Our banners are durable and lightweight, making them easy to use, transport, and store. We can incorporate any custom logo, font, or colors to make them fit in seamlessly with the look and feel of your campus or club.

Building and Stadium Signage
Useful wayfinding signs and scoreboards are just a few of the options we provide for buildings and stadiums on campus. All of our signage is available with specialized graphics options to create a cohesive look. By carefully planning your signage, Impact Signs can help you develop a unique system that is versatile, durable, highly functional, and timeless. We provide a variety of sign options to help people get to their destinations including wayfinding signs, plaques, suite numbers directories, and maps. Our identifying signage helps patrons know when they are in the right spot and helps people find where they are.

Government Facility Signage
For city buildings, law enforcement, courthouses, and other government offices, we provide professional and practical signage that helps citizens find their way quickly and easily. Make your building easy to find with monument and pylon signs equipped with long-lasting, well-lit channel lettering. For more temporary projects, we recommend that you look at the options for site signage, which is both easily transported and reusable. If you are interested in Impact Signs providing signage for larger complexes, consider using directories, which can prevent confusion.

Monuments signs are a beautiful addition to any government facility. By using a city logo or motto combined with a beautiful stucco, stone, or brick monument, we create welcome signs or building identification monuments that make the building stand out. Monument signs are built on the ground out of strong iron and steel frames. We use concrete footings to ensure longevity, and can provide a wide variety of color and lighting options to fit your needs. Additional landscaping can be created around the monument to create a beautiful centerpiece to your facility.

Pylon Signs:
Pylon signs are a good option for complexes that hold several government buildings in one block. They help drivers and guests to understand what offices are in which building. As a freestanding sign structures, pylons often include light boxes or channel letters as part of their self-contained construction. This makes it easy to find the correct office or building in the dark. Pylon construction can tie in with the location of the facility to providing a professional theme and aesthetic to the area.

Temporary Site Signage:
For construction site signage, temporary projects, or events, site signage is easy to use, fast to produce, and simple to transport to and from the location. Most of our panels are ready to print and can be completed in 15 minutes the very same day. No need to make an appointment and come back later for pickup, we can complete your job while you wait. We offer additional features you will not find anywhere else like luster edge cap and an assortment of post options your site sign can be both durable and attractive.

In large buildings like a high-rise building or government offices, directories can provide information to help guests find their destination. The most effective directory is used in combination with directional signage within the building. The strategic implementation of these two products eliminates frustrated patrons and eases foot traffic in the building.

All of our directional signs for both indoor and outdoor use are compliant with The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all public areas include accommodations and appropriate signage for the handicapped wherever necessary.