Message Centers are a recipe for marketing success

got content?

Our professional design staff can create custom content for your new or existing message center.


Looking for a better way to communicate

with your customers?

A message center is the best way to communicate directly with thousands of potential customers who pass your Utah business daily. Combine lighting, computer technology, dynamic graphics, and high-impact advertising in an affordable message unit and you have a recipe for marketing success with a custom sign.

Our message centers feature animated and changing graphics controlled via computer. The messages change as the needs of your business change. Advertise anything from operational hours to new developments in your location. This new option with eye-catching designs, bright colors, and an interactive front, ensures that the maximum amount of potential customers see your business as they pass your location.

pylon sign, message center, school sign
pylon sign, archetectural sign, message center
message center sign, pylon sign
school sign, message center


A study by The Small Business Administration found that, "For businesses that choose to enhance their signage with an electronic message display, the owners see an increase in business of 15 to 150 percent". According to the study, "no other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost effectiveness, dollar for dollar."