Utah Directional Signs

If people can't find you, you can't earn their business.

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Direct your Utah Traffic, Patrons, Clients, Visitors, and Venders.

Whether you are hosting a business meeting or opening a new deli, directional signage is crucial to directing traffic, patrons, clients, visitors, and vendors. A sign outside your building or at the elevator entrance is often the first impression a client receives. Our signs in Salt Lake City are designed to your specifications so they fit seamlessly within your building and within your budget.

Directional and commercial signage can be used for office buildings, hospitals, universities, movie theatres, venues, arenas, business complexes, government buildings, and parking garages, just to name a few. We use only the highest quality materials compliant with all regulations to make signage that is beautiful and functional with little or no maintenance.


Architectural Signs

Our architectural signs are designed to maintain a professional and consistent image throughout your apartment, medical, or business complex anywhere in Utah. By carefully planning your architectural signage, Impact Signs can help you develop a unique system that is versatile, durable, highly functional, and timeless. We provide a variety of sign options to help people get to their destinations including wayfinding signs, plaques, suite numbers, directories, and maps. Our identifying signage helps patrons know when they are in the right spot and helps people find where they need to go in a hurry, thereby reducing traffic and confusion.

Wayfinding Signs

Use wayfinding signs to help people find what they are looking for whether on foot or in a vehicle. A well-designed and strategically placed wayfinding sign can lead the way for a winning client, a new customer, or a busy vendor.

  • Indoor Wayfinding : Our traditional indoor signs are easy to read and accessible to everyone. We work with each client to design signage that is cohesive with your business image. We also provide indoor displays with interactive options for maps, directories, and digital wayfinding.
  • Outdoor Wayfinding : Outdoor signage should reflect your business from a distance to direct traffic, parking, and point visitors and customers in the right direction. We specialize in sign products, location, and compliance to provide outdoor wayfinding signage that is beautiful and functional.



  theater sign made by impact signs  entrance sign made by impact signs

Name Plaques

Maintain a strong company image and theme with name plaques for facilities, offices, people and more. Our name plaques are designed uniquely for your business and are simple to re-order for new positions or employees.


In large buildings like a hospital, high-rise, shopping center, airport, or arena, directories are crucial to help large crowds find their destination. The most effective directory is used in combination with directional signage within the building. The strategic implementation of these two products eliminates frustrated patrons and eases foot traffic in the building.

Fabrication Compliance

All of our directional signs for both indoor and outdoor use are compliant with The Americans with Disabilities Act which requires that all public areas include accommodations and appropriate signage for the handicapped wherever necessary.

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