UV Protective Laminates

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Our laminates are top quality protective films that prevent harsh UV rays from damaging or fading your sign.

Lamination is used to cover an image, photo, poster, banner, or sign in order to protect and preserve the product. Regardless of the type of lamination you choose, all of our protective measures will prolong the life of your product, protect the image and text from fingerprints, smudges, pollution, and weather. It also enhances the image itself by making the surface more uniform, and increases the gloss, matte, or texture of the product.

Prolong the Life of your Product

Laminated products are easier to handle for pop-up booths or rolling, and are much more durable for reuse. We use two main methods of lamination for our products: cold laminates and liquid laminates.

Cold Laminates

Cold laminates are pressure-applied films that are used on the majority of rigid face materials that need to withstand the weather outdoors. Cold lamination is a soft-effective method for smaller items, or for items that may only need lamination on one side. Paper, vinyl, and other sign materials work particularly well for cold laminates. Our cold laminate also protects against UV damage and moisture, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Liquid Laminates

For our flex face sign materials, we use liquid laminate that is cured on the face material through heat. During the liquid lamination process, a resin material is changed from a liquid to a solid through the use of powerful UV lights that coat the final product. This method of liquid lamination is cost effective to protect the image and make a uniform finish. It also increases the colors so they appear more vibrant and rich.
UV coating has become more popular because it can be altered to create a gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish. Liquid lamination is the preferred method for large products, or anything that will be installed on a curved surface. Our UV coater used for liquid lamination is the best in the industry using only the highest quality materials to create a superior finish.

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