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Vinyl Signage

Custom banners and commercial signage have come a long way from the blocky letters and clip art of years ago. Today, we can create any image, text, graphic, font, or visual effect with vinyl banners. Whether you are looking for a small business banner, or just a way to say “Welcome Home”, our digital capabilities create high quality, professional banners that are effortless, inexpensive, and limited only by your imagination.

Benefits of Vinyl

The biggest benefit to vinyl banners is durability. They are tear-resistant and completely weather proof. They work well in wet, cold, heat, and wind, which in Utah we see a lot of. On top of durability against the elements, they also hold their color extremely well and can be UV resistant, which allows them to last much longer than fabric or paper products.

Vinyl signs and vinyl banners, because of their durability, work great for outdoor advertising, but they can also be used inside to advertise special pricing, sales, or events. Cities may use vinyl banners in parades, conferences, or public notices. They can also be used for birthdays, family reunions, parties, fairs, catering, and more. For both individuals and small businesses throughout Utah, vinyl signage provides a solution for all your signs in Utah.


We offer all the available standard vinyl color choices from the top brands including 3M, Oracle, and Avery. From high performance to economy vinyl, we stock most films to meet your needs.


Although we carry a wide range of colors on hand, we can special order vinyl to match your exact company colors. If you have a specific brand color that has been developed for your company, we can get that special vinyl film ordered. This ensures your color and image is consistent, every time.

Specialty Vinyl

In addition to standard vinyl in a rainbow of color options, we provide specialty vinyl that adds an extra effect. Specialty vinyl is recommended for professional logo signs, business name signs, and office signs because it can make a big impact with unique characteristics.

Our array of vinyl options has expanded to include the following:

  • Reflective Films: Reflective films are actually retroreflective, meaning when light hits the surface, it is reflected in multiple directions, making it easy to see the sign at any angle from any time of day. Varieties of reflective technologies combine to produce different levels of shine in different colors. For traffic and safety signage, we provide reflective film that meets all federal, state, and local government standards.
  • Imitation Gold Leaf: This adds an element of class, sophistication, and elegance to your signage. Gold vinyl is commonly used for pin-striping, lettering, outlines, or borders in signage. It can also be used for lettering, graphics, or accents to draw attention to your advertising.
  • Chrome: If you want something shiny, but aren’t into gold, we offer a chrome vinyl that has the look and feel of shiny new chrome. This is particularly popular for auto body shops, mechanics, car shows, the man cave, or any business or event that requires a little extra bling.
  • Carbon Fiber Vinyl: Are the newest member of the specialty vinyl family. They are specially manufactured for an excellent level of outdoor durability with a thicker surface, and a 3D weave that gives texture to your signage.
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