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Small Business Signage

If you want to market your small business to the largest amount of potential patrons possible, the most effective strategy with the least amount of frivolous cost is to focus on creating unique and up-to-date signs. Impact Signs can provide options of flexibly-designed channel lettering with built-in lighting, warm and inviting neon, low and sturdy monument signs, or tall pole signs that easily attract customers.

If you are looking for a highly flexible, easily updated, and particularly attractive option, consider utilizing message centers. These signs can be changed from your own computer to market to potential patrons and bring in new ones, effectively saving your business funds on advertising and marketing.

Choosing the right sign for your small business can make a big difference in the success of your boutique, restaurant, or complex. In order to advertise to the largest market possible, you must make your Utah small business stand out.

In the colonial years, many professionals would often use a roof tile, or shingle, to post their name and the type of service near the front door. This was an easy and effective way to advertise their business. Today, the most effective way to stand out is by creating unique and unforgettable signage. Impact signs provides dozens of flexible options to create exactly what you are looking for.


The look and feel of your sign should reflect the look and feel of your business and the neighborhood where it resides. Fast-paced locations downtown need a more energetic feel where a neighborhood bakery may need something completely different. The best sign should add to the building and stand out, but not detract from the surroundings. It should also be the right size in the right location, portraying the right information to captivate customers.


Your small business sign should be a statement overflowing with simplicity. It needs to make a strong first impression to show your character and create intrigue without putting in too much. A cluttered and confusing sign is lost on those passing by. We create clean and professional signs that convey organization and proficiency.


Our manufacturers and designers have the ability to work together and create a sign that mimics the look and feel of your business. We use a variety of materials to get the look you want. The most popular materials include:

  • Wood : A plywood sign is simple and affordable, but may be more subject to weather damage
  • Glass : Use your storefront as your base for a low-cost and attractive option using glass windows as the canvas for your sign.
  • Metal : Punched metal is both durable and weather resistant. A metal sign can provide either a rustic or a modern feel, depending in the design.
  • 3D : A three-dimensional storefront sign often accentuates your company logo and is easy to incorporate texture, lighting, and graphics.
  • Fabric : Fabric is a budget-friendly choice that is colorful and unique, but do not last as long as other options and are best used for special events or temporary signage.
  • Message Center : This high tech signage is the way of the future with electronic messaging that can be changed from your own computer to customize your marketing to potential patrons and consistently bring in new ones.


As a premier provider of signs in Utah, we understand the zoning restrictions and permits necessary to provide signage in any location. Because of the different location and size restrictions in different counties, this can be a difficult process to complete on you own. Let us handle the fine print to ensure the sign you want is completed within the guidelines to avoid any pitfalls.

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