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We all know real estate is all about location, but there is a little more to it than that. Impact Signs designs and creates custom signs for listings and open houses to give you everything you need to attract buyers and drive traffic. According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 perfect of buyers said they used a For Sale sign to help in their search for a home. Each realtor sign can mean the difference between closing that sale, and letting it slip by. Custom signs are one of the most effective forms of advertising in today’s real estate market.

There are two main areas of Real Estate signage – permanent listing signs, and temporary advertising/open house signs.

Listing Signs:

A listing sign is a permanent fixture at the home or property you are listing. Often, these signs are affixed into the front lawn or other area of the listing. They are often installed as soon as the sellers are ready and they stay up until the deal is done. Listings signage is responsible for attracting passing traffic, and driving up interest in your properties. They should be bright, bold, informational, and effective.

  • Metal Frames – These small metal frames house a colorful sign with your information. These signs are placed in the front of the listed home.
  • Sign Posts – This is a larger signpost that holds a hanging sign in the front of a listed home. These are taller and larger than metal frame signs.
  • Information Box – A small plastic box attached to either a metal frame or a sign post make the perfect place for informational brochures and information about the listing.
  • Reflective Panels –This makes your sign easy to see when drivers pass it at night. The typical sign fades into the darkness, but a reflective panel will light up when headlights pass.

Temporary Open House Signs:

While most often used to advertise an open house, a temporary sign can be used for a variety of marketing applications. These signs are set up with the sole purpose of driving traffic to your open house in Utah. They are generally used for just one day and then taken down to reuse for the next event.

  • Directional Signs – Start out on the closest major cross street, or neighborhood entrance with directional signage.
  • Feather Flags – These are the best way to attract crowds to your open house with large or small feather flags directly outside of your listing.
  • Plastic Molded A-Frames: A-Frames are a great option for open houses because they are lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

We understand what it takes to make your real estate signs effective. Our designers work with you to create signage that focuses the reader’s attention, attracts a broad audience, and stands out from the crowded Utah real estate market. As professionals in the industry, we utilize all the basic tools of color, borders, images, and text to create a custom and eye-catching product. Then we go beyond with innovative technology, unique materials, and state-of-the-art techniques to create a product you won’t find anywhere else.

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