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Impact Cinema Products is a division of Impact Signs that is focused specifically on meeting the needs of movie theaters.

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Impact Cinema Products

Offering a wide range of products from theater numbers to full scale movie theater light towers and video boards, Impact Cinema Products can provide what you need, no matter what it is.

Contact us today to get us involved in your movie theater signage next project and we will bring that atmosphere and big time feel you’re looking for in movie theater signage.

Impact Cinema strives for the cutting edge in custom sign crafting that requires implementing the best new technologies.

Latest & Greatest Technology

Not only are we constantly seeking out the new and great innovations, we have the knowledge and experience to implement the technology in a way that is breath-taking and reliable.

Animated 3D Renderings

  • Create never before seen ideas
  • designs made life-like with animation and 3D renderings
  • Technical drawings
  • See your sign preform real-time before you buy

At Impact Signs we take never before seen ideas and bring them to life with animation and 3D renderings. Coupled with our collaborative technical drawings, our 3D renderings and animation will give you the full picture of how you can expect your signs to look and act. Don’t take our word for it, check out some of the movie theater signs and other commercial signage we’ve done in Utah.

 custom made movie theater sign  cinema sign made by impact signs  custom sign made for megaplex move theaters  movie theater sign made by impact signs  cinema sign for megaplex  custom imax channel letter sign

Stunning Light Towers

Bright and bold, light towers bring back a sense of nostalgia and wonder to the movie-going experience. No alternative sign option carries with it the same cinematic character as light towers, and with bold design and strong lighting pull, they advertise your theater effectively from a distance.

Dynamic Channel Lettering

Channel letters that don’t just light up: these letters move! Dynamic lettering is not only user-friendly, with a powerful, intelligent, and ready-made DMX control system, but it’s also personalized and novel in design.

Animated Pixel Letters

  • Standard & Customizable Animations.
  • Self Contained Aluminum Channel with Chrome Face plate.
  • Many edge finish colors available.
  • 15MM Neon Border Tube.
  • Self contained unit
  • Sizes available from 12” to 48” in height.
  • Multiple letters can be linked to make one large Matrix.
  • Amount of RGB pixels can be adjusted to meet desired effect and price point.

Animated RGB Pixel Letters with Neon Borders

This is a really sweet unit, it's a self contained aluminum channel letter packed with RGB LEDs that can be controlled by a DMX controller. We stroke it with neon and load it up with standard animations so it's ready to go right away.


Why settle for standard architectural signs? Use custom wayfinding signs that match your theme.

Movie Theater Number Signs

Ready to install number signs that can be custom built to match the aesthetics of your theater architecture.

    theater sign made by impact signs

Big Video Boards

Video boards that can’t be ignored are a great fit in any movie theater. We specialize in implementing some of the largest video boards available. Single panel, multi-panel boards and high definition displays.

  • Big size – 20 foot, 30 foot, more!
  • Brighter, more vibrant colors
  • Best resolution
  • Perfect for displaying film trailers and other promotional video

TV Monitor Enclosures

These enclosures are perfect for movie theater lobby display TVs. They protect your equipment and give your display a clean, seamless look.

  • Lockable, built with a sturdy frame & low glare cover.
  • Enclosure has cooling fans and room for controller box
  • Recesses into the wall to meet ADA standards
  • Customizable to fit any size TV
  • TV Installs in Seconds!


  • State of the art outdoor-ready monitors
  • Resolution: 6mm X-HD
  • Size: 7.6’ x 5’
  • Single Sided
  • Designed to operate in rain/snow/heat/cold/full sun

  custom sign made for megaplex move theaters   cinema sign for megaplex

Cinema Marquee Light Ceiling

Super bright light modules and fabricated with Anodized Chrome Aluminum. Light modules can be sized to fit particular ceilings with a modular pattern. Our energy efficient lights are outdoor & indoor rated.
Outside lighting is DMX controlled RGB pod lighting with preprogrammed effects while interior mini lights are 360 Dynasty Lights.

Down lighting intensity is controlled by a wireless dimmer switch, and are 120 degree high output flood lights.

Concourse/Atmosphere Lighting

Use lighting accents to create an atmosphere that is memorable, adding to the cinema experience.

  • Outdoor/indoor rated.
  • 120 Volt Power.
  • Anodized Chrome Aluminum
  • 360 Dynasty Lights

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