Utah Monument Signs

Monument signs show off your creativity and uniqueness and, just like your business, they are built to last.

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Architectural sign

Monuments are an architectural custom sign that combine the best of design, fabrication, and construction. Our monuments start with a graphic or logo using either graphical plex, lexan face, or individually cut letters. Once the logo is designed, we use stucco, stone, brick, or concrete to construct the monument itself. Monument signs are built on the ground out of strong iron and steel frames. We use concrete footings to ensure longevity, and can provide a wide variety of color and lighting options to fit your needs.

Our design and construction team collaborate to create a beautiful landmark that you will not get anywhere else in Utah

Monument vs. Pylon

If you are trying to decide which signs in Salt Lake City are best for your business, our professional team is ready to help you design and produce the most effective and beautiful signage available. The choice between a monument and a pylon depends on your location and your business. A pylon sign is designed to give height and draw attention while a monument sign is designed to add sophistication and beauty. If your business is a small building amidst towers in downtown Salt Lake, or if you are tucked along the highway and hard to see from the road – a pylon sign provides more visibility. However, if you are looking to beautify your property and create a statement, a monument sign is the best option.


A monument sign can be used in a wide range of applications. Most commonly, they are established at hotels, schools, parks, churches, and office buildings. They can also be used for smaller shopping complexes and high-end shopping malls.


A monument sign sends a message to your customers, clients, and patrons. A beautiful stone monument featuring your company logo with strategic lighting makes your company look solid, stable, reliable, and successful. They provide an heir of elegance and custom beauty that is only available by erecting a monument sign.


A monument itself can be created using a variety of materials. The signage is also versatile and can include several elements including space for custom messages and advertising, space for a beautiful clock, graphic image, address, logo, or company name.

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