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Advertise Day and Night With Light Box Signage

One of the best ways to improve your Utah custom sign is to light it up. Impact Signs offers several options for lighted signs that keep your business glowing 24 hours a day. Our outdoor light box signs improve readability at night and draw in customers with bright colors and attractive advertising. Dark interiors can be brightened with easy-to-read light frames that are simple to use and advertise for you day and night.

Light Box Signage Options

Our designer and production teams work with each client individually to design a product that works best for your Salt Lake City property or anywhere in Utah. The type of light box sign you select depends on the location and objective of the sign. You likely would not install a large neon sign in a corporate office, nor would you choose an elegant light frame for a pool hall. We work to coordinate the signage with the property in the most effective way possible.

  • Lit Cabinets : Sign cabinets feature big faces, which offers a large canvas for limitless design possibilities. A sign cabinet is typically used as outdoor light box signage and can be incorporated into a monument, on a pole sign or directly on a building. Lit cabinets generally use fluorescent lights and are primarily used for churches, schools, and small businesses.
  • Light Frames : A light frame incorporates a thin and bright panel that is generally used indoors to illuminate advertising, promotions, art and more. The frame itself snaps open to easily switch out graphics and literally takes only seconds to change. Light frames are hung like a normal picture frame and are powered by a standard electrical plug. Impact Signs provides a variety of lighted frame styles including aluminum and black finishes and even some frames less than one inch thick. The design of the frame is lightweight, easy to use, and ideal for advertising, promotions, or even trade show marketing.
  • Backlit Displays : A backlit display is typically used to make any advertising or director more readable in any setting. They also provide an easy and creative way to display your logo or business message. They are commonly used at malls, hospitals, and office buildings around Utah, but can be beneficial in any business to attract foot traffic.

Utahs #1 Sign Design, Production, and Installation

Regardless of what type of lighting you choose, Impact Signs is the number one company in Utah for sign design, production, and installation. Our team provides expert consultation to design a sign that works seamlessly with your business, your vision, and your location.

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