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Hotel Signage

Stand out from other Utah hotels with a selection of professionally manufactured signs both inside and outside your property.

Within your hotel, Impact Signs can offer access to practical, visually pleasing numbering, and wayfinding signs, as well. With all of these options available, Impact Signs will ensure that your hotel’s signage fits your personal aesthetic and theme.

To attract customers and welcome guests, pylon signs, pole signs, and monument signs featuring striking channel letters illuminate day and night. For even more attractive exterior signage, consider message center signs, which are customizable without any of the associated labor or material costs.

Interior Signs

  • Wayfinding signs help people find what they are looking for whether on foot so guests can easily find their room, the office, gym, or even just the ice machine. Traditional indoor signs are easy to read and accessible to everyone. We work with each client to design hotel signage that is cohesive with your business image. We also provide indoor displays with interactive options for maps, directors, and digital wayfinding.

Message Center

  • A message center can be used inside or outside of your hotel. It is a relatively new technology of advertising that uses a matrix of LED lights to create illuminated displays that can be changed to advertise vacancies, amenities, or specials. A message center can be mounted as traditional signs to poles, walls, or other such monuments.


  • The three most popular option for exterior signage is a pole, pylon, or monument. Many of the most successful hotels in Utah choose a combination of these three options.
  • A pylon sign is designed to give a little height and draw attention while a pole sign is designed to be seen from the interstate.
  • A monument is more of a welcome sign is designed to add sophistication and beauty to the property. If your business is a small building amidst towers in downtown Salt Lake City or if you are tucked along the highway and hard to see from the road – a pylon sign provides more visibility. If you are looking to beautify your property and create a statement, a monument is the best option.
  • Guests need to be able to easily find your hotel no matter what time they arrive. For this reason, any of our exterior hotel signage options can be illuminated, making it easy to find your hotel day or night.

Attract Customers and Welcome Guests

If you are still not sure which sign is best for your business, our professional team is ready to help you design and produce the most effective and beautiful signage available.

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