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Government Facility Signage

For city buildings, law enforcement, courthouses, and other government offices, we provide professional and practical signage that helps citizens find their way quickly and easily. Make your building easy to find with monument and pylon signs equipped with long-lasting, well-lit channel lettering. For more temporary projects, we recommend that you look at the options for site signage, which is both easily transported and reusable. If you are interested in Impact Signs providing signage for larger complexes, consider using directories, which can prevent confusion.


Monuments signs are a beautiful addition to any government facility. By using a city logo or motto combined with a beautiful stucco, stone, or brick monument, we create welcome signs or building identification monuments that make the building stand out. Monument signs are built on the ground out of strong iron and steel frames. We use concrete footings to ensure longevity, and can provide a wide variety of color and lighting options to fit your needs. Additional landscaping can be created around the monument to create a beautiful centerpiece to your facility.

Pylon Signs:

Pylon signs are a good option for complexes that hold several government buildings in one block. They help drivers and guests to understand what offices are in which building. As a freestanding sign structures, pylons often include light boxes or channel letters as part of their self-contained construction. This makes it easy to find the correct office or building in the dark. Pylon construction can tie in with the location of the facility to providing a professional theme and aesthetic to the area.

Temporary Site Signage:

For construction site signage, temporary projects, or events, site signage is easy to use, fast to produce, and simple to transport to and from the location. Most of our panels are ready to print and can be completed in 15 minutes the very same day. No need to make an appointment and come back later for pickup, we can complete your job while you wait. We offer additional features you will not find anywhere else like luster edge cap and an assortment of post options your site sign can be both durable and attractive.


In large buildings like a high-rise building or government offices, directories can provide information to help guests find their destination. The most effective directory is used in combination with directional signage within the building. The strategic implementation of these two products eliminates frustrated patrons and eases foot traffic in the building.


All of our directional signs for both indoor and outdoor use are compliant with The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all public areas include accommodations and appropriate signage for the handicapped wherever necessary.

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