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Commercial Signage

Impact Signs provides professional and inviting signage for your Utah commercial complex. From the lettering to the colors, we look at each detail to personalize your signage and give you a unique, clear, and inviting look for your complex.

Commercial Complex

A commercial complex sign should be eye-catching from a distance. The two main types of signs used for commercial complexes are either monument signs or pylon signs.

  • Monument Sign : A monument sign is a large sign that sits lower to the ground and can be constructed from concrete, brick, stone, or wood. While they have a low profile, they carry a big impact to passing traffic.
  • Pylon Signs : A pylon sign is the big tall sign often seen from a highway or freeway. These are popular choices for hotels, gas stations, and restaurants seeking to draw in freeway drivers. While pylon signs are often for a single business, they can also be used to advertise a complex or mall.

Construction and Temporary

For construction and other temporary projects, we can also provide easy-to-use site signs. Clear signage during construction may mean the difference between order and accidents.

  • A-Frame : These may be used, reused, and placed in different areas of construction for the safety and direction of pedestrians and drivers.
  • Fabric Signs : For temporary uses, fabric signs make a good choice because they are inexpensive, and can be made very large. These are often used to advertise a new development, remodel, or upcoming feature.

Directional and Functional

Within your complex, several directional or purely functional signs may be necessary to direct traffic or help patrons find what they are looking for. These are large enough to see from a vehicle and easy to read for pedestrians as well. Functional signs may include:

  • Wall signs : These are used on the building wall to indicate the name and address of each individual business.
  • Door signs : A door sign is placed directly on the door of each company to add a cohesive and professional look to the complex, even with a variety of businesses.
  • Door numbers : Door numbers make it clear for drivers to find a specific address, suite, or company.
  • Overhead signs : These are used for the benefits of drivers and pedestrians to see businesses while walking through the complex.

Drivers are Much more Likely to Stop

An attractive and professional sign for your commercial complex can be one of the best business decisions you make. Drivers are much more likely to stop when they can see what is ahead and it is presented in a clear and appealing sign. Taking the same careful steps in signage as you have in other aspects of your business will reflect the quality and thought you are putting into your customers.

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