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Plexiglass is a weather resistant plastic sign material. It resists fading and comes in avariety of colors. Plex is best used in smaller faced signs where there is less chance the sign may receive a physical impact. Plexiglass works very well for channel letters & smaller sign cabinets and it comes in a variety of thicknesses.


Polycarbonate or Lexan is a very durable rigid face material that works best for larger sign faces or faces that need extra strength from breaking. These faces are decorated with colored or printable vinyls & then given a UV Laminate. Polycarbonate can be routed to any shape.

Low Cost Substrates

Corrugated plastic, foamcore, and banners are a few low cost sign substrates that work great for indoor, or temporary signage. In combination with our direct to surface printing we are able to offer low cost signs that are full color and photo quality, giving you the freedom to create exactly what you are looking for.

Flex Face

Flex face is the best choice for large face signs. The material accepts a Solvent ink that is printed on by our in-house printers. Where our method is better than most, is through our reverse side printed graphics. This prevents your sign colors from washing out giving more vibrant colors when illuminated from inside. Flex face sign faces given a UV protective coating for protection from the sun and weather.

Metal & PVC

For sign panels that need to withstand the weather we offer aluminum, steel, and pvc in varying thicknesses. These faces are suitable for interior and exterior use, and can accept full color printed graphics or pressure applied cut vinyls. When these signs are used outdoors we give them a UV protective coating. Because these materials are rigid they can be routed to a specific shape.

Light Up Sign Faces

Close Up Embossed Sign Face Lights up with Bright White Translucent Lexan.

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