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Traditionally sign controllers were limited to message centers. Now you can control your LED and Neon signs as well with our latest programmable controllers. Our controllers put all the programming power in your hand with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to control your display no matter where you are.

These controllers make it easy to put eye-catching messages at your fingertips and provides a straightforward interface to manage your advertising anytime, anywhere. With an extensive library of artwork and unlimited text options, your sign can display anything you can create.

We understand you have better things to worry about than whether your sign is on or off, so this makes it easy to control your signage and ensure that your company is seen without a lot of maintenance. A controller gives you the power to manage your advertising quickly and easily.

With a click of the mouse, the advertising options are limitless with our sign controller that integrate with a user-friendly software program available for all users. The combination of the controller and software controls the power and capabilities of your sign. With one switch, your sign can be turned on or off, given blink effect, change colors, chase and much more.



The software used with our controllers is very user-friendly and designed for anyone to control. Even if you don’t describe yourself as “tech-savvy” we help each client to ensure they understand the details and simple features of this simple software so you have the confidence to manage your signage and grow your business. Once you have created your sign design, the software allows you to store your programmed sequences, and can recall specific ones for later use. No need to reconfigure the sign every time you want to change the colors or effects of your sign. This is perfect for holiday themes and special events. If you’d like to give your sign extra appeal and excitement, you can change the effects or colors, and draw in more attention.

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