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LED, Fluorescents, Neon

  • Light emitting diode [LEDs] are a low voltage sign lighting choice that comes as a string of modules
  • Fluorescent lamps are the most cost effective solution for light signs
  • Neon signs are unique with that unmistakeable glow

Fluorescent Lamps vs. LED Cabinet

On a recent direct comparison of fluorescent lamps vs. LED cabinet lighting for a 10Ft x 26Ft sign for a European customer, the LED option consumes 768 total watts and the fluorescent option consumes 3,120 total watts. At 12 hours per day and $.22KWH, LED annual electrical consumption in dollars is $740.04 and the fluorescent is $3,006.92. Thus LED offers a real world, real cash in the pocket annual savings for electricity “only” at $2,266.39. Add in the LED labor/maintenance savings and eventually the End User can see a very real ROI. With these simple numbers, the End User can see an immediate reason to consider LED! – article at


Light emitting diode, or LEDs, are a low voltage sign lighting choice that comes as a string of modules. LEDs emit more light with less energy which means lower energy cost to operate. They’re also very reliable due to their simple design giving them a higher life expectancy. With LED lighting there is less maintenance, due to their simple design. This option is best suited for channel letters and small displays.

LEDs come in a few colors such as blue, yellow, white, and red. There are various forms of LED modules as well, from water proof to “bulb pack” style modules. RGB LEDs can be set to any color, or changed in a series or pattern via programmable controllers giving you even more control over your signage.

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps are the most cost effective solution for arge faced signs. The lamps and fixtures are relatively low cost for the light output. They also have a relatively long service life, and low maintenance cost. Fluorescent lamps are best suited for pole signs and box sign cabinets. Although there is still much reason to use fluorescent lamps in large faced signs, there is gaining momentum for converting these signs to LED too.


Neon is the classic choice for sign lighting. You can achieve a unique look that draws attention with that unmistakeable glow. Neon tube can be formed to any shape which is great for logos and letters. With a variety of vibrant color choices, from magenta to electric green, neon remains an excellent option for sign lighting. Neon can be used as a building accent, in channel letters, or as stand alone signage.

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